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Sheikh Rahman

As a John Maxwell Team certified coach, teacher, trainer and speaker Sheikh offers continuous personal growth and grooming, corporate coaching and career development, John Maxwell masterminding, seminars, keynote speaking, and mentoring. In all of these various roles, it is his first and foremost goal to help others expand their creativity, confidence and to encourage growth in their personal lives and careers. Through his work, he encourages individuals to utilize the tools put forth by the guru of leadership, John Maxwell. These tools will assist others to develop their personal culture. In addition to these tools he uses different scientific techniques by means of neuroscience to bring the best out of people.

One of the most rewarding attributes about Sheikh’s work is the opportunity to engage with a diverse group of people. Connecting with people one-on-one as well as on a large scale is his personal strength and, fortunately, something that he gets to practice daily in his professional life. The basis of his work is to assist others by adding value to their lives and unleashing the dormant power within us all. This is based on his adopted philosophy that every human being has the potential to be a leader.

Sheikh started his journey in search of a fulfilling life – his family always hoped for him to make something great of himself and to follow his personal ideals of what makes a strong and caring individual. Prior to being a John Maxwell Team coach, Sheikh focused on entrepreneurship – building businesses, enhancing office culture and developing team spirit. He was previously a partner and consultant in the U.S. to large scale plants, and currently a partner/consultant of multiple overseas Power Plants and projects. With leadership always being Sheikh’s true lifelong passion, he underwent a career change. Fifteen years ago Sheikh vouched on utilizing his passion and committed to add value through the leadership skills he finds fascinating and dedicated himself to spread it to others. Since gaining his certification he has worked as a coach, trainer and facilitator for mid to large size organization as well as a youth mentor in high schools and to different youth leadership programs.

His Current Work

  • Conducting Roundtable on different values for all walks of people such as Government officials, Business owners, University Professors, Corporate employees
  • Coaching entrepreneur mindset
  • Leading Mastermind groups.
  • Keynote Speaker at various leadership conferences
  • One-on-one coaching and group coaching

As a mentor, Sheikh helps grow leadership, communication and organizational skills through his experience with these concepts and by utilizing proven strategies of success. His passion is also to improve the skills that help build character for next the generation, the “Youth”. They are our next leaders and units of the fundamental elements of our society, “family”. A leader is a leader to himself or herself first, then to his or her family and then to the society and beyond.

As a coach, Sheikh helps individuals find the answers to the success that they are looking for. He helps to take people’s aspirations and develop them into inspirations, all with the goal of helping people develop the necessary skills to become leaders in their chosen industry. His interests with regard to mentoring and motivational speaking, are many, however, it is his number one goal to increase the quality of lives by giving people the necessary tools to become leaders both personally and professionally.

As a leadership trainer he believes in continuous personal development and passionate about studying leadership materials. Among many other study materials he studies NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Program), Neuroscience, Human Psychology, Physiology, Organizational behavior etc.

Raj Kapur

Raj Kapur is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker.

From a very early age he had a passion for self improvement and self development. Learning about success, achieving success and teaching success has always been his lifelong goal. Raj believes success is a journey, not a destination. This journey is to be enjoyed at every stage of life.

With over 25 years of experience in various leadership positions he is able to provide individuals and organizations with guidance through his experience both professionally and personally

He is uniquely qualified to teach in that he has studied, collected and distilled the best ideas from all of the achievement gurus such as, Anthony Robbins, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Darren Hardy, to name a few. By using proven tactics to train, coach and mentor, Raj can give individuals the insight to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Raj has experience in many diverse areas

  • He takes companies from shoe-string startups to generating millions of dollars.
  • Trains at Fortune 500 companies.
  • Takes organizations which are on the verge of closure and turns them around to a place where they are eventually helping the community at large and making a difference.
  • Leads Mastermind groups and makes a tremendous differences in the lives of others and the organizations they work for.
  • Raises business performance, even while working with adverse environments.
  • Trains, teaches, coaches and mentors business leaders.
  • Trains and teaches about increasing productivity to executives, individuals, teams and departments.
  • Works across many industries and uses inter-industry knowledge to better his client’s businesses.

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