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Becoming a Person of Influence

tmie.mag.personofinfWhat is influence? Better yet, what does it mean to have a positive influence on others and how do we harness that? Being a person of influence helps to foster healthy relationships between managers and employees, coaches and players, parents and children and more. Becoming a person of influence might not be something that is on your mind now, but once you read about the benefits of having a positive influence on those around you, you will soon understand how central this is to your quality of life. Dr. Maxwell teaches readers how to make use of his model for successfully connecting with others and how to be a person of positive influence. The chapters are as follows:

  • Model
  • Motivate
  • Mentor
  • Multiply

John Maxwell the co-author of the book Becoming a Person of Influence asserts ten attributes for increasing influence on others.


When people begin to trust you, your level of influence increases If you want to become a person of influence choose the path of integrity

Nurture other people:

Commit to them Believe in them Be accessible Give with no strings attached Give them opportunities Lift them to a higher level

Faith in People: Faith is belief in action

Believe in them before they succeed Emphasize their strength List their past successes Instill confidence when they fail Experience some wins together Visualize their future success Expect a new level of living

Listen to people:

Listening shows respect Builds relationships Increases knowledge Generates ideas Builds loyalty Develop listening   Look at the speaker Don’t interrupt Focus on understanding Determine the need at the moment Check your emotions Suspend your judgement Sum up at major intervals Ask questions for clarity Always make listening your priority

Understand people:

Everyone wants to be somebody Nobody cares how much you know until he knows how much you care Everybody needs somebody Everybody can be somebody when somebody understands and believes in her Anybody who helps somebody influences a lot of bodies Enlarge people: See the potential Cast a vision for their future Tap into their passion Address character flaws Focus on their strengths Enlarge them one step at a time Put resources in their hands Expose them to enlarging experiences Teach them to be self-enlargers

Navigate for other people:

Identifies the destination Plot the course Think ahead Make course corrections Stay with the people

Connect with people:

Don’t take people for granted Possess a make a difference mind set Initiate movement toward them Look for common ground Recognize and respect differences in personality Find the key to others’ lives Communicate from the heart Share common experiences Once connected move forward

Empower people: How to empower others to their potential

Evaluate them Model for them Give them permission to succeed Transfer authority to them Publicly show your confidence in them Supply them with feedback Release them to continue on their own

Reproduce other influencers: Moving from maintenance to multiplication

Scramble Survival Siphon Synergy Significance John Maxwell’s book Becoming a Person of Influence: How to Positively impact the Lives of Others should be your first stop to learning this skill. Dr. Maxwell teaches readers that if your life in any way involves interacting with others, then you are in fact an influencer. However, it is what you do with that influence that determines if it is positive or negative. Of course, Dr. Maxwell’s book encourages and teaches us how we can utilize our influence on others to be positive and beneficial for everyone. Believe it or not, having a positive influence on others actually increases your personal and organizational success. These ten chapters in Becoming a Person of Influence discuss concepts such as how people of influence have integrity with others, nurture others, and navigate for other people. The goal here is to be a role model for the type of positive influence you want to be in an effort to MOTIVATE others. In the end, you will have the ability to MENTOR others about how to be a person of influence with the hopes of MULTIPLYING the success you have had.

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