Leadership Guru Dr. John Maxwell has trained over 8000 people around the world and touched millions of lives. Inc. Magazine voted John Maxwell as the #1 leadership and management expert in the world! U-Next Leadership consultants has been a part of John Maxwell team and certified by John Maxwell Team (JMT). In February 2016 some selected JMT members are invited to train Government official of Paraguay for taking the country’s leadership to the next level. U-Next is part of that. We are very excited and proud to be the trainer of the trainers in the fastest developing country in Latin America. Yes! We are part of Transformation of Paraguay! TransformaciÓn PARAGUAY 2016 – La TransformaciÓn está en mi.

After the first official government invitation in 2013 the John Maxwell Team to Guatemala for training 20,000 Leaders this was the 2nd invitation to Paraguay by the Government of Paraguay for training leaders of different walks of the country. Over 250 coaches volunteered their time and services to be part of this life-changing event in the amazing country of Paraguay. Transforming leaders through seven streams of influence, with those leaders empowered to continue to model and train these leadership values; the entities are –

– Church
– Government
– Arts and Entertainment
– Education
– Business
– Media
– Family

Paraguay Facts

It’s a country of 7 million people in it with the capital city as Asuncion. The Guarani are the indigenous people of Paraguay and their culture and language are very much threaded into the lifestyle of Paraguay. While Spanish is the main language spoken it is often mixed with Guarani and many people speak exclusively in Guarani with each other. Much of the population is of European decent and/or mestizo.


Paraguay is a small, impoverished, landlocked and fast growing country (it was the 2nd fastest growing country in 2010 behind Qatar with a GDP growth rate of 15% and the 4th fastest growing economy in 2013). Paraguay was once one of the largest countries in South America until the war of the Triple Alliance in which Paraguay fought against Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay from 1864 to 1870. In this war Paraguay lost a third of its population, 50% of its male population and 50% of its territory. This is what caused Paraguay to suffer a long turbulent history resulting in the country to become smaller and poorer. It has taken many years to recover, stabilize and start on a path towards growth.


The president of Paraguay is Horacio Cartes, a local businessman who became president in August of 2013 and is trying to make many positive changes in the country, especially in infrastructure, education and foreign investment. Cartes is beginning to oust corruption and have a more transparent government, which was not been possible in the past.

Our visit: The training was organized by the JMT and John Maxwell’s not-for-profit Leadership Entity EQUIP that has trained more than 6 Million Leaders from around the world in over 196 countries.

A lot of background work was done in last year and half to organize such leadership training event for all walks of people in Paraguay. In order to transform Paraguay a goal of training 10% of the population was set by John Maxwell and his front line leaders on the leadership values. John Maxwell Team trained about 20,000 people of the 7 categories of people of different levels in one week (February 1st week of 2016) who in turn will be facilitating to train the rest of the 10% population.

U-Next Leadership LLC involvement

U-Next Leadership Coach and Trainer Sheikh Rahman was privileged and participated as one of the 250 trainers who trained the trainers of Paraguay for a week. Part of this training was given to the Ministry of Planning, Social and Economic Development where he and his colleagues were introduced by the honorable Minister and Secretary Executive – José Molinas Vega.

Following that day Sheikh performed “Roundtable” on values set by John Maxwell and the top Paraguayan leaders for professors, administration employees and some current students & researchers of the largest University of the country “Universidad Nacional de Asunción” (National University of Asuncion, Paraguay). Following is a raw video for the interview he took for the Roundtable coordinator of the University, a faculty and director for the dean’s office of the University.

Paraguay was warm – not only the temperature but also the people of Paraguay was super warm – they greet people with 2 kisses on your cheek. People of Paraguay were ready to be transformed and become the biggest leader they can be.

Lidia Rosa Salina – A faculty, director of dean’s office and the coordinator for the leadership program 

Invited by a business owner for a roundtable at his organization, Sheikh found that Paraguayan are ready to invest their own money and time for their future and for their country’s future. Juan Guanes, an attorney and owner of “Trafosur” understands the definition of true Leadership and doing business in the 21st century – with agility, high levels of giving and parsimonious use of individual resources and contribution.  He took the time to arrange for the leadership training beyond his busy schedule.

One of the owners Juan Maria Guanes from Trafosur was interviewed (another raw and original video)

All 250+ coaches from over 20 different countries had interpreter since Paraguay being a Spanish speaking country mostly. Interpreters from all over the country volunteered for this great cause of “transformation Paraguay” and convey the message and leadership training to the participating enthusiastic population of the country. Even students from high school or universities showed fervent desire to change their society and country for better.

My 16 years old interpreter, a student and entrepreneur’s interview video

Few leaders and entrepreneurs of Paraguay met John Maxwell only short few years ago and decided to make a difference in their country. Gaby Teasdale with her husband Tim Teasdale and Bruno Fiorio Carrizosa and many others set the example and brought this transformation to the fastest growing country, Paraguay.

It was great spending quality time with the Teasdale family. Tim is a true leader dedicating his energy to the fullest:

Paraguayans are family people – they welcome others to be part of their family. It is an example to the rest of the world. Leadership training – a way to bring each other in closer in this planet.