560088_421296257886410_1638616599_nYouthMax is a program developed by John Maxwell that tackles some of the biggest issues facing today’s youth. Identity, fear of failure, bullying, and need for strong personal character are issues that YouthMax addresses head-on. This is a unique program that works with youth in a community. YouthMax events are held for young people, ages 14-18, in their areas and teaches them essential skills and tools that help them plan for their present and future.

Some of the core ideals of YouthMax are:

Stand Up and be Counted (stop bullying)

Teens learn that positive attitudes and actions can stop bullying and even help others from being bullied. It teaches confidence and positive influence to lift others. Types of Bullying:

  • Physical
  • Verbal
  • Indirect
  • Cyber Bullying

Learning Forward to Fail forward to Success

Failure in an inevitable part of life. Redefine what failure means and the ways it can be used as the building blocks towards success. It’s about growing from your failures.

Developing a Positive Self-Image

This reminds youth that each person is unique and is valuable to others. Teens learn habits to practice daily that will help them achieve a positive self-image. How you see yourself determines how you see others.

Developing a Strong Personal Character

Youth learn that daily decisions will set them apart from someone who is nearly successful to someone who achieves their dreams. They also learn how to align their actions with the type of success they envision for the future. YouthMax partners with local schools and organizations that allow John Maxwell certified coaches to teach YouthMax core values. They instruct young people on how to implement these tools into their lives. John Maxwell certified coaches are able to interact and give back to their communities by leading these highly effective events. The coaches and trainers are focused on instructing youth about how they can adopt positive habits and set goals for the future. They are teaching many of the essential leadership methods set forth by Dr. Maxwell but applying them to a younger audience. The purpose is to prepare young people to take on challenges in life with confidence, after all, the youth are our future leaders.

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